First of all let me say a huge thank you; firstly a huge, huge thank to Aaron. Without him my blog would not be as amazing as it is today if he didn’t take the time out and take my photos for me. I love you Aaron (soppyness over, almost). And a huge thank you to over 1,000 of you who follow Petite Side Of Style and those who follow me on my other social sites. 

2013 has been amazing to me; I was featured in Look magazine 5 times, in the New Look Magazine and in the Virgin Atlantics in flight brochure. I had an interview with Givenchy, was casted to be a playboy bunny for the Mayfair club, I had my first photoshoot with Warehouse, I teamed up with top brands like French Connection and Wonderbra. 

I worked with ASOS magazine for two weeks, I learnt how to snowboard and spent a week in the French Alps, I visited Amsterdam and experienced my first nudest spa experience (by accident), my photo was featured in Selfridges window in London and I was featured on Vogue Italia. PHEWW.

Im so excited for another great year. I will be graduating in May and I want to dedicate my Summer to my blog 100%. 


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