I don’t know about you but for me, Thursday is the new Friday. Get your glad-rags at the ready and go and enjoy yourself.

|| || || Bag Zara

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I loved the difference in detail with these two fabrics. The jumper was super soft and delicate and the skirt had a rougher texture, I think they both really work well with each other.

Just look at the detail

Heres some other mini skirts Ive got my eyes on. 

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I can’t see a time when I won’t be wearing these shoes. They are so comfortable, I can last all night in them and they are in so many colours.

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I wish words could express to you just how soft this jumper is. Its like touching a very fluffy kitten. I no that isn’t a good example, words just do this no justice. 

Its actually supposed to be cropped and a little tighter but I picked up a size 12! But I still worked with it, I like how it hangs over the skirt instead of showing my belly.

Personally on a night out I wouldn’t take this Zara bag. I just have a habit of buying a new bag and using it everyday of the week. Something I need to change! But its just so much hassle changing bags. 

But If I was to wear this on a night out I would go for one of these;

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Now if you are feeling very Carrie Bradshaw try these heels, I know Im going too.

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