Grab a cocktail (or a coffee) and shop this amazing jumper.

Im wearing a jumper | Jeans | heels | Zara Bag | MK Watch 

Generic hair flip capture…

Its such a shame I can’t find the exact match of this jumper on River Island. I did get it from the Oxford St store for those who want this version with a tint of black. But the one I linked above is just as nice. But Ive found some other knits that are perfect for October; 

I am always a sucker for detail. The zip allows you to have a looser look compared to when it is zipped down it makes the jumper just that little bit fitted.

The dropped hem is also great for when you want to wear your distressed jeans, not to much is covered up.

I didn’t think I would be able to pull of these Topshop jeans but they are so easy to wear with heels or flats. Their quite soft and just a perfect slouchy denim. I do prefer them to be rolled up though!

I did warn you that you would see these on the blog a lot more. Having a pair in White and Gold makes me want a different colour;

The first RI Nude ones are next on my list, and their limited edition.

And I will leave you on this gloomy rainy morning with me, gazing at… probably nothing. Haha.
Have a lovely day.


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