Miss Patina is a UK based brand that combines vintage and contemporary style. 

The flutter eye shirt worn by Taylor Swift, come see how I styled it.

, Miss Patina Shirt*, , , Zara Bag

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I think wearing any kind of top with detailing on the boobies should be worn with caution – like where you where it to maybe, unless you just don’t really care to much. 

I find this shirt, not too much for everyday. If Taylor Swift can pull it off, so can I.

Here are some alternative shirts with prints;

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I got the shirt in a size 8, I always forget to go up a size when choosing jumpers and shirts because I prefer when they are a little bigger. I don’t like them clinging to me. 

So I went for the culottes because they were high waisted and I could tuck the shirt in. 

And because the shirt is an off white I thought it went nice with the camel tones. 

Similar Coats that are new in this week;

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These photos were so difficult to take because it was so windy and I thought of the bright idea to take them right on the pier – not the brightest of ideas I’ve had. 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I feel like sine Christmas everything has been a blur, I always feel this way around this time off year. Its like I’m not even sure what day of the week it is!

Time to get back into work mode I think!


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