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Drift into deep relaxation with this calming massage of your scalp, neck and shoulders. Using firm yet gentle, rhythmic movements that involve acupressure points called Marma points and soothing essential oils, all traces of tension are gently eased away and you are left feeling re-energised.

Im still at Centre Parcs, leaving tomorrow. Since I’ve been wearing pretty much the same thing everyday I’ve not had the chance to take any outfit photos. Its not really a fashion conscious place. 

So I thought it would be nice to share with you my Scalp Massage experience with Aqua Sana. 

It was a choice between a back massage (which I had had before) or something new  – a scalp massage. 

I was given a long white robe, one of those robes you put on and wish you had at home. 

After leaving the changing rooms you can either head to the spa (at an extra cost, price lists here) or  enter the treatment rooms. 

Standing, waiting for you is your massage therapist.

I had a beautiful girl, which actually made it harder for me to relax – is that weird?

She spoke very soft and lightly, it must take a lot of practise to get that soft tone of voice. 

It reminded me of the Friends episode when Phoebe worked in the spa and put on the ‘spa voice’

She walked me down the dimly lit corridor and we entered our treatment room which had the massage bed and even a shower. 

is heated up and rubbed across your shoulders and chest and into your scalp. For me this was the best part, the heat from the oil felt so relaxing.

I found that the main focus was to put pressure onto different pressure points on your forehead and scalp. Which for me didn’t really do too much. 

I liked best when the scalp was rubbed quickly and firmly and when the neck and shoulders were massaged.

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The sounds of running water plays in the background. 

Usually a massage will send me to sleep, but the scalp massage did not. I think its because its not a very comfortable position and the techniques are very light.

The massage lasted for 25 minuets and ended with a silent bell, to allow you to wake up from the tranquil phase you are in.

You are then taken into a light room or a dark room. It is as it states, one is dark and one is bright. 

I choose to relax in the dark room. Poured myself a glass of lemon water that is on offer, laid back and relaxed for as long as I wanted to.

The scalp massage was £39 for 25 minutes. Personally next time I would go for a back and neck massage (which was £35) I feel that it is more rewarding and relaxing. 

Have you ever had a scalp massage? What was your opinions on it? 

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