Ive teamed up with Boohoo to tell you what makes me feel beautiful and proud of my body. 


So, what makes you feel beautiful and confident?  

Clothing gives me confidence, Ive learnt what suites my body and my height to allow me too feel comfortable which helps make me feel confident. 

What insecurities have you overcome? 

When it comes to Summer I’m very insecure about my stomach, with Instagram bombarding us all with the perfect tummies it can be hard. But Ive just learnt to not care. And the happier you feel about the way you look the more confident you will come across. 

Why are you ready to take on summer? 

Im ready because Winter felt too long this year. Im looking forward to cocktails and holidays and spending time with friends on the beach till the sunsets. 

What make you feel beautiful in Summer?


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