To say that there aren’t enough hours in the day would be an understatement for many of us. With working days often dragging on for longer than we’d like and a wide variety of social events to navigate, it can sometimes feel like we’re constantly on the run between appointments. 

When you’re having one of those weeks when you never seem to stop, the thought of finding time for a date can be daunting. But trust me: with a little planning and preparation, you can head straight from a meeting with a client or a day in the office to your date and still look absolutely fantastic – without having to go home to get changed. 

And no, there’s no magic wand involved in this process, just a few handy tricks and tips!

Let your makeup do the talking

An easy way to transform your look from smart to stunning is to keep the outfit chic and simple, and create a dramatic look with your makeup. This doesn’t mean that you have to attend your meeting looking like you’re ready for a night out, though – it’s easy to add drama on the go

Before you head off to your meeting, apply a natural, daytime look – this will save time later on. Then, to add finishing touches before your date, pack eyeliner, mascara, setting powder, and lipstick in your handbag. All you’ll need to do is nip to the ladies’ after your meeting to add some wow factor to your finished look. 

The setting powder will help to freshen up your base, and an extra coat of mascara can brighten your eyes. To avoid clumpy mascara, only apply one coat before your meeting, and apply a light second coat now. If you’re confident with using liquid eyeliner, go for it – this will really change your look. All that’s left is a coat of lipstick, and you’re date ready!

If you’re not so confident with applying winged eyeliner in public, then a bold lipstick combined with a little kohl pencil around the eyes will look fantastic.

Keep your hair sleek

Thankfully, ponytails are bang on trend at the moment, and this style will work for both professional and personal occasions. It’s simple, but when done properly it looks incredibly stylish, as Emily from Freckled Fox demonstrates wonderfully

To make your hair look sleek, brush it thoroughly before tying it fairly tightly into a hair elastic to create a smooth finish. Then, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it, securing underneath with a grip.

If your hair is too short for a ponytail, try to keep it as understated as possible so that it looks appropriate for your meeting, then adorn your hair with an accessory to add a little sparkle for the evening. There are some truly beautiful jewelled hair clips and floral headbands that are decidedly grown-up – hair accessories aren’t just for children and teenagers anymore!

Choose an outfit that’s simple but chic

(Image from Tumblr)

A simple outfit will be smart enough for the boardroom, but can easily be jazzed up before your date. 

Something like a simple pencil dress, or tailored trousers with a silk top (our bat sleeve silk top is a good example – and with this code, you can get 20% off your first order at Charlotte and Co!), will look understated enough for a professional setting, whilst simultaneously working as a fantastic backdrop to some glitzy accessories on your date.

Choose subdued colours – black is always a winner – and make an impact with your evening look by adding colour in your lipstick and accessories. Think statement necklaces, chunky bracelets and big studded earrings – all of which can be stashed in your handbag until you need them. 

Finish off your outfit with a pair of simple heels and that all-important handbag, and you’re good to go!


The easiest way to take an outfit from meeting to dinner date is to start with something simple, and add to it in between the two appointments.

Choose an outfit with a sleek, flattering silhouette that will make you look fantastic, and allow you to feel comfortable – both meetings and dates have the potential to be stressful, so wear something that you can relax in. 

Do you have any tips on transitioning from meetings to dinner dates? Let me know in the comments below!

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