All the girls were here making the last part of our Holiday just the start.

I tried my best to teach Jenny to swim. Don’t get me wrong – she can. 

She just doesn’t like to be in water where her feet cannot touch the floor. 

But by the end of this Holiday we had her out here on one of these floaters with us.

But I couldn’t wait to swim out to the middle of the sea with Rhiannon and spend some time floating on the deep, blue waves. 

It was so relaxing.


Im not sure how long we lay here for, but I wish I was back there right now. 

We lay (in my Swimwear 365 bikini)

And we lay.

With the square piece of heaven all to ourselves…

Most of the day was spent catching the sun and catching up on stories from the three days spent apart.

Until the sun disappeared behind those rocky mountains and we headed up to the pool.

I took the alone time to take some selfies…

^ More Le Specs

And grabbed my sister for a rear few too!

Evening came and whilst Jenny and I waited for the other girls to join us in the lobby, 

we headed onto one of the hotels balconies to admire the view.

In the far distance, Marmaris town is brightly lit up and looks beautiful.

The evenings were a little chilly, but it was October after all. 

We still didn’t have to wrap up. 

Chilly but warm still.

Wearing all Petite items, can you guess where from… .


The girls arrived and we grabbed a glass of wine

Headed up for dinner…

Then onto to the cocktails.

Sparklers not necessary but very exciting.

Things (as always) got a little out of hand after pouring our wine into our cocktails. 

Don’t try this at home kids. 

It was the first night we were all out drinking together on the holiday. 

And come the end of the night, after watching Rhiannon jump into the pool at 2am with a complete stranger… 

I thought it was only fair that I joined her… and then so did Jenny. 

After jumping in at least five times to get it on camera, its safe to say we were three freezing girls. 

Back to the room, for a shower and room service it was. 


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