It was the sixth day and it was boat day. 

My favourite thing to do on holiday is book a boat trip. 

Its the day you  get the best tan, the best sea views and the swims in the sea are always a different experience. 

Personally if you want to book a boat trip, avoid booking one on your hotel site. 

Head down to the local harbour. 

That way you can see the boat you’ll be getting on and be able to haggle on the price. 

We set off at 10.30am for a full day of sun, sea and swimming…

We climbed aboard the boat and stripped down into our swim. 

Mine was this .

If you’ve got the best of your tan you’ll happily frolic about in a swimsuit for the morning. 

Motel are great for prints; 

Jenny had the same idea in mind. 

Opting for a plain black halter neck.

Low enough at the back and low enough at the front.

^ that first one!

A few snacks and views later…

It was time to take the first dip of many.

Jenny still claimed she couldn’t swim so she floated in with us

We all grabbed a pair of snorkels 

and dived down deep (well not Jenny obviously, she wouldn’t get too far now would she)

taking my waterproof case deep down with us…

By this point I had changed back into my bikini 

It was our first time using the case in the sea, 

it was more difficult to get the best shot than I thought.

Timing was difficult

But it sure was fun!

After 20 minuets we climbed back aboard the boat for some lunch…

We stopped by the wishing cave where we all threw a coin in and made a wish

As we headed back the way we sailed I changed into for lunch below deck.

This time we swam to shore to a stone beach

I must say it was rather hard keeping the puppies in on this one…

More from Missguided…

Another half an hour swim was up and back on board the boat, we headed to the front for a picture moment. 

Seven days and its the only photo of the three of us together, thats a little decent.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of wasps that were around even out at sea.

A sun bathe session and one last dip in the deep blue

Have you ever tried to float and take a selfie?

We sailed back to the hotel

the sun started to set behind the green topped mountains 

and we struggled to want to put our clothes back on

The views back were just as wonderful. 

Bags of crips in hand, the views sailing by, better than watching a movie.

We got back to the hotel just in time for a cocktail and a chill around the pool

Evening quickly came. And I changed from my three swimsuits into a maxi and suede.

Our last meal went down a treat too

Thanks girls for a wonderful holiday to end the year with. 


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