I don’t know about you, but when I visit a City I look forward to seeing the best views from the highest points, to capture the City in all its glory. 

So when I read about Tour Montparnasse 56 from The Londoner

I had to make the trip.

We started the morning in true Parisian style – breakfast in bed. 

We woke up feeling refreshed after an early night at Hotel Therese.

We called down to room service and had breakfast delivered to us in the comfort of our white crisp sheets.

A French breakfast wouldn’t be complete with carbs, lots and lots of carbs. 

I’ll never complain.

The more bread (French stick to be precise) the better.

The carbs are weighed out with the goodness of fresh fruit and yogurt.

The oranges were honestly the sweetest and juiciest oranges I have ever had.

Along side the main, eggs and bacon. 

After spending four months in Paris last year (read the posts here), I realised that bacon was not a popular choice for breakfast. So when its on the menu – take it!

We relaxed back and enjoyed our breakfast. 

Sipped down my hot chocolate and got ready for the day ahead…

Not before checking the weather of course…

Not a rain drop in sight, just what I like to see

We made our way towards Montparnasse, an hours walk.

Jenny and me always say the best way to see a City is to walk.

I wore a full (pilot jacket is )

Along with these lace up shoes. That were so comfortable, until the walk home! 

This outfit post will be up soon. The top is incredible. 

We strolled through The very quiet Lourve 

Outfit post coming soon!

After attracting attention taking photographs in the cold at The Lourve, we continued walking.

Heres a tip: when in Paris look up. 

Look up at the beautiful buildings with their hanging balconies. 

If you don’t, you’ll miss them and be stuck looking at Pharmacies.

After 45 minuets we saw the 689 feet tower – the only sky scraper in Paris.

We popped into Mac, H&M and McDonalds before making it there.

Jumped in the lift that whizzed you up 59 floors in 38 seconds. 

Pretty much in the blink of an eye and you’re at the top.

The day wasn’t bright, clear or beautiful. But the view was still amazing. 

We wouldn’t of been able to catch a sunset but the fog made Paris look moody. And that fitted with it.

As we walked around the inside of the building the rain started to trickle down

(This is the long road we had just walked!)

We decided to head to top for a clearer view. 

Unfortunately the champagne bar was closed. Ill be back when the sun is shinning. 

We spent all of five minutes at the top. 

Before we almost froze or blew of the top. 

Grabbed our coats and headed back inside.

We sat at a table for hours, talking and enjoying the views. 

Not believing how far we had walked and the realisation that we were yet to walk back

We sat for so long. 

It was dark before we knew it. Which made for an even better viewing experience.

If your lucky enough to be up there on the hour, you will catch the Eiffel Tower sparkle for five minuets.

Its worth the wait.

The foggy sky turned into pinks. 

And we finally said goodbye to another wonderful view of the City of lights

And headed back to our room.

Where we sung along to music and sipped Prosecco, to get ready for the night ahead.

We had know idea that the night ahead was going to leave us getting in at 5am and wanting to snuggle up in bed the whole of the following day. 

I warn you, the night life in Paris is a must.

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