Whats the best way to spend your last day in Paris? 

Come and follow me…

After spending all day in our Hotel room the day before, after a wild night out (Vlog to come) 

We were excited to venture out and enjoy our last day in Paris. 

But first, we headed down to the zero floor of Hotel Therese for breakfast

We entered what seemed like a hidden cave, 

with mason jars hanging delicately from the white stone walls with a candle shaped light bulb beaming inside

Breakfast was the usual Parisian style buffet 

with a great selection of cheese, hams, bread and eggs

Once finished,

we headed up to the lobby where we were able to take a large sized umbrella out with us for the day

(If Breakfast isn’t enough the hotel also offer tea – a variety of teas, coffees and pastries at lunch time)

And we were off. 

Knee boots pulled up and brolly in hand.

The streets were becoming so familiar, almost like a second home.

We strolled past Rue de Rivoli, where you can grab the best Angelina hot chocolate or pattieseries 

 I highly recommend this!

And then down some back streets towards the Eiffel Tower. 

Another thing I learnt this time in Paris, is that flower shops are magnificent. 

You think the outside is beautiful, 

well just wait until you get inside. 

This one in particular we stumbled into was like the secret garden. 

Dark, mysterious and enchanting.

I wanted to take them all home with me and fill my home with the contents.

So much detail and home inspo. 

Easily distracted we continued…

Until the second best thing after flowers distracted us… 


We slipped into Café Le Dome (it has a wonderful view of the tower). One of the first Cafés to open in Montparnasse.

Address; 108 bd. Montparnasse, Paris, 75014

Bellies full, we made off again. 

No distractions this time.

We viewed the Eiffel from Champ de Mars side this time. 

In Summer you’re allowed on the grass, its the perfect spot for picnics.


Let me just add that these over the knee boots not over have the best perspex heel ever – but they STAY UP. 

Its so hard finding the right pair of boots that actually fit right and do their job!

We took a stroll across to the other side – Jardins du Trocadéro, 

I couldn’t help but notice the difference between Winter and Spring in Paris.

Spring had not yet sprung and the cherry blossom trees (my favourite) were looking a little dull

It didn’t stop me getting the shot though

We made it to the other side and it was still daylight

Coats for in Paris;

This is one of the best spots for ‘that shot’ 

After strolling around and saying ‘NO THANK YOU’ to (i lost count of how many) men trying to sell us mini Eiffel Towers, we found the perfect corner to perch and pop our bottle 

Just look at the reflection in the Champagne. 

We sat for hours, talking about the past year and the future year to come. 

Passers by smiled at us with happiness – probably thinking one of us had just popped the question. 

But it was a beautiful evening and one I will never forget.

After almost two hours, darkness fell and we sat in awe waiting for her light up

And there she was…

Well worth the wait

She glistened at 6pm for 5 minuets, as she does on the hour every hour

We sat finishing our glasses, and making friends with French boys

Laughter at the joy of trying to have conversations with language barriers. 

We said farewell from under our umbrella and made our way to the top of the Eiffel.

The only way to top this beautiful evening off.

An hour later we made it. 

From the on looking at the bottom to reaching the top.

Still as mesmerising as always. 

I will never tire of this City of lights.

Thank you to Hotel Therese for the pleasent stay and wonderful staff. 

Book your stay here.

Thank you to Busbud for the safe journey to and from Paris. 

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