Teeth whitening is nothing new to me. Ive tried them all (probably). 

Let me share with you my favourite to date.

Smile Brilliant is a home teeth whitening kit with all the professionalism of getting them done at a salon. 

I ordered the ‘teeth whitening trays‘ which are custom fitted by yourself at home.

It arrived quickly. Allowing me to create my moulds for the trays and send it back to them. 

Creating the moulds were a lot easier than I imagined. To be honest I did keep putting it off because I thought it was going to be very time consuming. To my surprise it wasn’t. Allow yourself 30 minutes to create them.

You are given base paste (blue) and catalyst past (white) simply mix them together until the paste turns completely blue.

Once you are left with blue past, fill the trays with the putty.

Then go ahead and make your impressions. 

The whole process comes with step by step instructions and diagrams to help you.

Within a week your trays (which reminds me of retainers after braces) arrive and your ready to start your process of pearly white teeth. 

You are given your syringes. One for teeth whitening and most importantly one to help with the sensitivity after.

Simply fill the trays with the whitening gel. 

I start by putting the lower tray in my mouth first followed by the top tray.

I usually do this process during the evening so I can leave them on my teeth for around an hour. The longer you leave them on the whiter the outcome.

For the first few days I never even touched the desentilising gel. 

Unlike other teeth whitening gel my teeth didn’t feel in the slightest sensitive. Which has been my biggest problem with whitening strips I have used in the past. So bad to the point where I even got headaches.

Using the little brush you get with the pack, I apply the desentilising gel over my teeth and gums

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