Those of you have been readers of my blog throughout the years, may notice 80% of the time my tan stays throughout the year. In the past thats been down to the use of sun beds (Ill explain why further down). I started experimenting with all different tanning products and for the past year I’ve been using the same tanning product…

I know many off you will say “sun beds are bad for you” however many will also argue with this. Most things without moderation will be bad for you. In my case, last year I suffered with Psoriasis. Not the most terrible of cases, but white patches appeared on my legs, arms and hands. Its a form of stress and the only cure for it is sunlight. I went away on Holiday and it cleared up wonderfully. So when I got back I started using Sun beds and it completely cleared up and (touch wood) has never come back. 

So when my skin was back to normal, I stopped using sun beds but started missing the tan – as you do.

So I done what most girls do, I started fake tanning. Personally I had never, ever been a fan this because I had never found one that looked natural. 
I tried moisturisers with a tint; Garnier Summer Body and Johnson’s gradual tan. But I found that these were the ones that smelt the most. And no one wants to smell like fake tan. They also can be quite streaky. 

I then went through the top brands of tan that I knew others had use. For example St Tropez, Fake Bake, Coco Brown, Ambre Solaire, Vita Liberata but none of these quite stood out and made such a difference with less fuss than…

Until I came across Bondi Sands. A smell free (once rinsed off) tan and with zero streaks – no matter how little time you have to apply. 

I have used all off there products, but find that the tanning foam (in dark) works best for my skin. The tan last three to four days and I keep it extended by using the gradual tan. 

I would love to know what your favourite tanning product is?


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