These classically cute, ballet styled, glove shoes made big appearances across bloggers, celebrities and style icons this Summer. From Chanel to Public Desire, and they are not going anywhere just yet. 

So make sure you keep them out this Autumn.

I must admit, Ive had this pair for a few months now and have only worn them twice. 

I keep putting them off, waiting for the right pair of denim jeans to perfectly pair with them.

Having still not found them, I embraced a different look. 

And I kinda love it.

Going for that effortlessly chic work wear look. I slipped these on with a pair of distressed Levi shorts, a plain white T and an oversized blazer. 

The blazer being the statement piece. 

As I mentioned above… 

Chanel started this trend with they’re classic styles of these shoes. Creams on black or black on white. 

However Public Desire and many other high street stores have created the perfect dupes.

They go perfectly with cut of jeans, shorts or cute little tea dresses. 

Ill leave you with a few shopping options here;

Shop my look;



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