The results of using to find the right dental practice (Dental Beauty Swanley) to begin my two week teeth whitening process.

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, will already know I’m not new to home teeth whitening kits. I have tried whitening strips, toothpaste and gel. This time I searched for the right product for me using – a patient education website. has helped me make the the right treatment choice after reading guidance and information on a range of teeth whitening options. The site provides treatment information, reviews and real-life stories so you can make an informed treatment decision. 

I researched Teeth Whitening and chose White Dental Beauty – a take home whitening system that helps prevent sensitivity during treatment, I then found the best practice for me; Dental Beauty Swanley, with Dr Dev. Patel.

I had a consultation, which allowed me to get the most thorough examination of my teeth I’ve possibly ever had. Even though the high res images of my teeth on the screen were not nice to look at. It allowed me to learn what needed to be done (apart from the whitening) which was a huge insight. Something as simple as my wisdom tooth needing to be extracted because it is growing in the wrong direction. Something my own dentist hadn’t picked up on. 

Moulds of my teeth were taken and two weeks later I went back for a hygienist clean and to collect the moulds. 

Honestly, my teeth were rather white before I started, but after two weeks of using White Dental Beauty home teeth whitening kit, my teeth have gone two shades whiter than before. 

By doing this at home it allows me to be in full control of how bright and white I want my teeth. If I were to feel that my teeth were becoming too white, I would simply avoid using the whitening for a few days. 

I have so far used the product every day for the past two weeks, for two hours (sometimes more if I had the time) a day, and the results can be seen in the last image. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on home teeth whitening kits, and which was the best for you?


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  1. Anonymous
    July 22, 2017 / 1:03 am

    I hire tons of millennials mostly to do tech type work for me.
    I have to say working with young people is a great experience, they bring a new perspective to the
    office and they should not be stereotyped without at least being given a shot.

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