Koh Phangan is mainly known for its full moon party. However when we visited the Island we missed the full moon party. We made the most of our week there. Spending one half of the week on one side of the Island and moving to the other to experience its full potential. 

We hired a moped which allowed us to travel around the Island quickly as some of these destinations are a little spread apart. 


Challenge Phangan was one of our best days on the Island, full of laughter and excitement, it made us both feel like big kids. We headed out for pancakes for breakfast and arrived at Challenge Phangan at 10am. We spent the whole day on the inflatables in the lake. Purely for enjoyment rather than succeeding in the challenge. I found the three large balls to be my biggest nemesis. I managed to get to the third and spent about an hour being flung into the lake, unable to reach the other side. Drinks and food are also available at the venue, so make sure you really do make the day of it.

When we were completely finished with the lake we took ourselves upstairs and enjoyed cocktails in the bar watching more people take to the challenge. It really is a belly of laughs.

Its 500 Baht (around £11)  for as long as you wish.


We spent a few days on what was called secret beach, the sea was beautiful and the sun set was even better. We had lunch in the shade under palm dress and took a little walk to the end of the beach where my favourite bar in the whole of Thailand sat – Koh Raham. You can also find those Instagram worthy swings. If you can beat the struggle to climb onto it, the pictures will be worth it.


Koh Raham was one of the best bars we spent our time in during our weeks out there. The sunsets were truly unforgettable. They are the types that you never want to forget. If I could have taken a photo with my eyes and then store it in my memory forever – I would of. 

It wasn’t just the sunsets that made this place magical it was everything else that surrounded it. The bar was made up of several sections, pathways you ventured down, like hidden places. We spent our time in the hammocks fit for the two of us, listened to the sound of the waves and darkness fell with Changs in hand. When darkness came we ate dinner there too. We spent every night there from the moment we found it. A true hidden gem.


Phaeng Waterfall was the only waterfall on the Island that we visited. Although the water levels were rather low we still enjoyed a chang, sat on sides listening to the sound of the water falling. You could even take along your own picnic if you plan ahead. 


Never judge a book by its cover. Adam chose to take us to this small restaurant which literally was the kitchen of Ying Yang, a lovely Thai women who also lived in the kitchen, I didn’t know what to expect. Being two weeks into our holiday and still not an avid Thai eater, I was worried to offend her if I didn’t like anything. However Ying Yang’s kitchen and food opened up my eyes to now my favourite Thai dish – Beef with Oyster Sauce. And I have never found one that came close. We both agreed it was the best restaurant on the Island. So please, if you are visiting Koh Phangan, visit Ying Yang’s Kitchen


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