These Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

The Chelsea Boot, a shoe worn by men and women whatever the season


The Chelsea boot will never go out of fashion

In Collaboration with Ravel


I would consider myself to be a Chelsea boot addict, I have several pairs in my current wardrobe and over the years I have had them in various different styles, heel types, colours and even patterns. When it comes down to it, we all need that one pair. The one trusty pair that is plain black, just the right amount of point (because points come and go too) and the perfect heel height.










Black because it is the only colour that stays in fashion, it goes with a lot more and they can be worn on a rainy day, unlike a white pair. Plain, for a similar reason to why you should choose black.
The point is very important. If you’re looking for a forever pair of Chelsea boots, don’t go for the point that is on trend at the time. For example, cowboy boots are on trend at the moment but they won’t be next year, so don’t go too pointy and make sure you are comfortable with them more important.
The perfect heel height goes for any shoe with a heel, but a Chelsea boot should be comfortable and you should be able to wear them all day with ease. I always like to go for a block medium heel, I’m more comfortable wearing these during the day.

I’m wearing the Ravel Saxman Leather Heeled Ankle Boot which also comes in leopard if you’re looking for an on-trend pair. Size and fit wise they are spot on.



Check Heritage Blazer – Next (size up)
Black T – Asos
Black Jeans – River Island
Chelsea Boots – Ravel
Sunglasses – Old Celiné



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