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Wedding lists have become one of the most popular to do’s when it comes to planning a wedding (other than the actual “I Do) and online retailer Amazon have made it even easier for us by allowing us to create our own wedding lists to share with guests, who can make a purchase with a few clicks.

Typically a wedding list was a traditional part of a wedding when two people didn’t live together before getting married. Times have changed and myself and Adam certainly do not abide by that tradition.
With our own home and a family of our own before marriage, when it comes to us creating our wedding list, we didn’t need the household appliances which would be on your stereotypical wedding list. Which is what makes the Amazon list so great because the options of what to add to your list are endless.

Therefore, we opted for things that we would love around the house as a bonus and that is why the Amazon list is wonderful, it offers a huge variety.
I can stumble across an item on Amazon and within seconds add it to our wedding list, a reason why there is no time like the present to start your list.

Our items will not be extravagant, as we are having a destination wedding and we don’t expect people to buy us gifts at all, however, we know there will be guests who would really like too, so this is an option for those people.

How incredible that we can have this option, for those that ask what we would like as a gift, I can simply send them over the link to our list and let them choose from a variety of items, ranging in price, allowing them to choose an item suitable for them and for us.

I have created a few tips for creating you own Amazon Wedding List;

The is just one of the many examples that you can add to your wedding gift list


We’re due to wed in 2021, but there is no time like the present to start with a wedding list. The gifts you receive may be with you for the rest of your life and will hold such precious memories. By starting early it gives you time to carefully pick items.
Starting early doesn’t mean you have to share it with your guests so early on but it just means you’re ahead of the game. I suggest leaving it a few months before the big day before you share your list with guests.

On your Amazon Wedding List page, there is no chance of letting the day sneak up on you with the countdown to how many days left till the wedding day. It’s also a great tool for your guests to know how long they have for buying things, we all know some people that love a last minute purchase.


If like me, you struggle with these type of things, Amazon offers a recommended section for you, which I found so helpful. The recommendations go through everything from kitchen appliances, glassware, home accessories to pets. The options and ideas are endless.

Another option is to take a look at the ‘Popular Wedding Gifts’ to help give you an idea of what’s popular on other bride or grooms lists.

You can also choose for guests to purchase an Amazon gift card for you which I think is a great idea.


Amazon has made the online wedding list easy for everyone, with one click from the link you share to your guests they are taken to your list.
If something has already been purchased by a guest it is marked, therefore ruling out duplicate purchases.

When making your list you have the option to allow all gifts to be sent directly to you and can opt out of gift wrap.

Lastly, you can leave a personal message, a thank you to your guests.

You can have the option of making your guest list private to guests when you share the link or public to anyone.


When your guests purchase gifts from your list, Amazon allows you the opportunity to thank your guests for their gifts straight away.
I think this is such a modern way of doing things. I for one am quite terrible at sending thank you cards, the Amazon way is also a more affordable way of doing things.

Take a look at my Amazon Wedding List here;

Please note the Amazon Wedding List I have shared with you is just an example for inspiration. To start building your own Wedding List, visit

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