Blue’s 3rd Birthday

Our first baby turns three today and I wanted to make a fuss of him.

Last year we let the day pass us by until a few days later we realised.

I felt awfully guilty for weeks and promised Blue he would get the best cake next year.

Peanut butter and banana cake, topped with peanut butter and low-fat yoghurt icing.

Blue was licking his lips as the kitchen wafted the scent of peanut butter baking in the oven.

Blues beautiful throne is from Lord Lou

Blue allowed Pollyanna to blow out his candle, with strict instructions on what to wish for.




I’ve decided to treat Blue to a new Ball.

Wait, you didn’t think balls meant that did you.

I must say we do regret taking those type of balls away from him that’s for sure – sorry Blue.

We packed Pollyanna up with slices of cake for the rest of the doggies in the family and Blue is left with a few slices to last him the week.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Pollyanna’s best friend, the one she won’t go to bed until she kisses goodnight. The one who keeps her awake on walks and insists he comes back when she calls.

Now, lets pawty.


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