I have been dying to show you these photos. I wore this outfit to a Christening almost two weeks ago now, and because I have been working full time this week it was so hard to get the outfit snapped. At last though!
I cannot wait for the beautiful weather and the beer garden days - nights, so I can wear my Zara shoes more. 

As I said this week I have been working loads, almost 40 hours. Aaron and me are planning on booking a holiday this month so better late than never to start saving. Im in two minds as to do another internship or work for the money. Its such a tough decision. 

Next week I am going to a fun event with I will be doing a vlog for my YouTube channel, you can subscribe here. 

Im looking forward to a night of tonight. A WINE down < get it !


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  1. wow that top is incredible x

  2. Those heels are gorgeous, I'm after a pair just like that at the moment!

  3. This does not look good on you. the outfit just is not flattering on you.

  4. Wow, this top is amazing! and i am dying to get a pair of these shoes! xx


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