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001 Its been about a week since i last blogged, however alot to update on.

I had a nice little buy from Topshop as they launched their Summer sale on Monday. I brought a gorgeous white long Maxi dress (perfect fit, doesn’t drag on the floor where I’m too short), but it wasn’t plain it had lace parts, quite see through as well, but gorgeous! Cant wait to wear it and upload a photo.

I also brought a pastel green, very floaty ‘fairy’ dress, would be great for the beach, another i cant wait to wear.

I then went back the next day after seeing Karena in some green leggings. Although i brought a size 6 they are far to tight and need to be changed before they all go!

I then decided to finely get my nails re-done, a monthly thing for me.

A saw a really nice Violet colour from Barry M, so decided to go with Violet this month and love it.

I thought i would treat myself as doing so well at college, which i finish on Tuesday. First year over, one more to go then of to Uni. Guess this summer that’s what i will be going through, my top five Uni choices.

It’s so scary the closest i am getting to deciding, especially since i don’t honestly know what area of Fashion i want to go into to. I love designing but its so hard to get into, i love styling and the thought of styling amazes me. And so much more. Ill go into more detail more towards summer.

Since this lovely weather is back, and hopefully for good Ive been trying to get into shape. Ive been going jogging, and really i jog, my legs felt like jelly afterwards! Ive then been doing 50 – 100 sit ups and may fit in my Davina workout when college is over with.

I enjoy blogging so i hope i get more response. I have had a very boring night, but was nice to write.


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