Something Borrowed

001 So i had this weekend of which was really nice, since having three jobs is so tiring.

I was meant to head down to the airshow; fireworks, rides and alcohol.

However the weather wasn’t as nice, instead i lazed around and partied at night.

I wore a River Island dress that was tight to the skin and had really cute sleeves.

However it was borrowed 🙂 by my dear Lydia.

002 Apart from that i have been working and going to college.

Which i may as well tell you all i WILL be getting a Distinction (A-A*). I’m so proud of myself, so have been working so hard this week, as it all has to be done by Friday.

003 I’ve not even done any shopping lately. However i do need sandals; Black, Gold & Brown ones. As well as a play suite. Putting aside clothes i also need to buy the 4th season of one tree hill && I’m so back in love with The Hills.

A beautiful sunny day today and no work until 5, however need to get back to some essay writing.

Ive had some really bad news these past few weeks, but not ready to share them with the world. Things could turn out for the best.

I will post some photos of my weekend.

Ive had an idea of each week/month buying and describing in detail about a particular magazine. Mainly the fashion pages.

What Magazine, I’m not sure yet.



  1. Anonymous
    June 25, 2010 / 8:40 am

    you just look amazing in everything you wear!! x

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