Wear of the weekend.


001I have defiantly found my best by this month.

There not very clear in the photo but i wore them out this Saturday night for the first England match.

They were brought from Matalan at £18, what a bargain…. i love them i just want to wear them again!

I wore them with a pair of Floral, pastel printed shorts that has two cute little bows at the waist (however quite revealing). On top i wore Topshop again, this was from the petite section and on the last minute rail, brought in desperate need for a party awhile back. I wore it as a boob tube however i think its a skirt. Either way it looks hot.

So that’s my wear of this weekend. For another great buy i purchased Glamour magazine; only due to the fact that you got a free product from benefit. My free gift was eye eliminator, great you sleepy eyes. Just what i need. I suggest you all buy it for £2 you receive a £14 gift. đŸ™‚

002 I’m thinking of doing a wish list since i saw a picture of Cheryl Cole looking so beautiful in a straw beach hat, its a shame i cant find any that seem to suite me. I also want a new lap top considering my F button is no longer there. But considering i want to go on holiday with only £200 saved, spending at the moment wouldn’t be a good idea. 

003 Got alot to look forward to this weekend as i have booked it of. So will blog again soon. Think I’ll have to do one on summer hair. I no summer is nearly here when i can scrap all my hair of my face and wear it up. There’s also an article in Glamour about that too. Check it out, let me no what Benefit you got.

I’m really getting into this blog malarkey. I go through the day thinking “oh i can blog that”


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