T h e F a c e s O f F a s h i o n: Christin Lacroix ♥

Christin Lacroix 
The French Fashion Designer

Below is my own illustrations of some of Christian’s work. 

Water Colours were used.

Another of my illustrations

No pencil outline was used just a free hand sketch using again water colours

Another of my illustrations this time using charcoal around the edges

Christian Lacroix began by working at Hermès a high fashion house in 1978, where he worked on colour schemes and the execution of designs then in 1981 he started working at Jean Patou, where he worked until 1987.

In 1987 he opened his own couture house. He began putting out ready-to-wear in 1988 drawing inspiration from diverse cultures. Critics commented that he did not seem to understand the type of clothing the working woman needed. In 1989, Lacroix launched jewelry, handbags, shoes, glasses, scarves and ties (along with ready-to-wear).

With his background in historical costume and clothing, Lacroix soon made headlines with his opulent, fantasy creations, including the short puffball skirt (“le pouf”), rose prints which are back in this season, and low décolleté necklines. 

He favored the hot colors of the Mediterranean region, a hodgepodge of patterns, and experimental fabrics, sometimes handwoven in local workshops.

In 1994, Lacroix launched his Bazar line.

In 1996, he launched a Jeans line.

In 1999, he launched his first line of floral perfumes, and in 2000 he finished a line of novelty accessories which included semi-precious jewelry.

In 2001, Lacroix also launched a children’s line

In 2004, Lacroix launched a lingerie for women line, as well as a menswear line.

Christian Lacroix has designed many dresses for Hollywood stars; among them, he is responsible for designing Christina Aguilera‘s wedding dress and in the 1990s was famed as being a favourite designer of Edina Monsoon in the UK sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (for which the house drew dubious credit). 

For Winter 2007, He has partnered with Avon cosmetics to introduce a new fragrance exclusive to Avon called Christian Lacroix Rouge for women.

Mary-Kate Olsen

 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Red Carpet 

with a maxi dress byChristian Lacroix.

The tin foiled grey dress compliments her skin tone. Her perfect fashionista self looks perfectly charming and perfectly stylish, a perfectly baking tinfoil Muse.  

Katie Holmes

Wearing an elegant dress by Christian Lacroix, beautiftul sequins and elegant shoes to match.



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