♥ Weekly Portrait #1

This is one of my new blog post’s it will simply be some images of me. Particularly on a Friday, hence ‘Face Friday’. This was before i took ill, perhaps its all these late nights I’ve been having, I’ve came down with the nasty flu and had to take 3 days of college, was hoping to get some illustrations done, but instead i slept 17 hours today…. However tonight i decided to go through my University Prospectors. I emailed London College Of Fashion some time last week and i got such a long interested reply.
Basically I’m so stuck on what course to take its either, Fashion Management, Fashion styling and photography (the photography I’m not so good at) or Fashion Design. All of these course are going to be so hard to get onto, its even harder trying to choose just one!
Does anyone do any courses regarding Fashion if so what? Id be interested on what your portfolio involved etc and what University you go to.