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001 Wow i have just seen my stats pages and i think its pretty amazing. Most of my followers have found me via heartifb, a Fashion Blogging site and most of my followers are from the United States. Hey Yall 🙂

002 Since I’m nearly back to college Ive been working hard on finishing my final pieces ( Bag, Head piece, Neck piece and belt). I have finished the bag and the belt and plan to finish my head piece and neck piece today.
In this post I’m going to show you my belt.

I have mentioned before that this project was from last term but I’m still yet to finish it. It is based on ethical fashion. What is ethical fashion?  Ethical fashion is fair trade, use of organic fibres, products that are produced and are environmentally friendly. We can all be ethical by disposing and recylcing as well. Fashion designers that are well known due to being so Ethical: Stella Mccarthy, Benetton, Topshop and Katherine Hammet. Guilty designers can be GAP and Primark.

Above is the work of Katherine Hamnett.

To start this whole project of i was asked to create some A4 pieces showing different types of patterns taken from animals with unusual patterns, my patterns where mainly from moths and butterflys.
I used different materials like: waster pastels, normal pastels, acrylic paintm water colours and coal.

Here are my four designs of a belt, taking into considertation; Feathers Fur and Skin. Still need to upload 3.

Based On Peacock Feathers


My Belt design.

This was my final piece. I used recycled waste, such as fruit cases, packaging and sweet wrappers.

I placed these items on a layer on PVC and layed them out how i wanted followed my a final piece of PVC layed ontop. It was then put through a heat press to stick the PVC layers together and keep my pattern in place.

It was then hand stitched onto a belt i had brought giving it some detail at the front with a gold clutch to keep it around the waist.


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