Visual Recording : Ideas && Concepts; Bag Design

001 I was asked to create a bag baring in mind Feathers, Fur and Skin which are in this season. I had to create at least 4 designs before actually making the bag.
All these images are my own and my own ideas.
Picture one is of a ruck sack kinda bag. It straps over one shoulder, letting it hang behind your back or down by your side. To inherit the concept of feathers, fur or skin. I added added feathers to the centre panel.
Bag number two is the bag i choose to use as my final design. This drawing however is based on cow skin with skin at the top half panel surrounded by brown and beige furs, synthetic of course.
Bag three was just a quick simple, clutch bag, with the words Ethical printed on the shutter of the bag. 
Bag four is also a clutch bag, in the shape of half a butterfly. The bag opens from the butterfly’s body leaving your items in the left wing of the bag and the rest for decoration.

Final Design

This was to show the colours i would use to create the bad and what kind of techniques. I had used a hook and eye component for the front pocket, followed by Fabric Painting to create the fabric i used to make the bag. I will evaluate what Fabric printing is after photos of my final piece.

Fabric Painting
Fabric painting is a process where paint is put onto usually polyester that is strecthed out. My fabric print was done free handily and i didn’t draw on the fabric with pencil before painting, i was lucky it came out so well. I also used fabric crayons on the pocket of the bag and found them very hard to work with.

002 Yesterday i brought a really good book called ‘Fashion design course’ by Thames & Hudson. It has some great illustrations inside and some good ideas for your portfolios.
I also joined lookbook, once im back at college ill have more looks to upload.
I brought a gorgeous military blazer from River Island, some white leggings and some coral jeans from Topshop. All to be blogged about soon.

I still have to finish my head piece and neck piece by Tuesday! It doesn’t help that I’m working 18 hours tomorrow and 8 on Sunday.

Back to work i go.



  1. September 7, 2010 / 6:18 pm

    Awesome… I LOVE the little feather pocket on the front. I'm have a thing for feather print right now…

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