Welcome Back?

001 Since i became a fan on lookbook.nu, i wanted to be able to merge images together. I was trying for ages learning how to do it then i realised that photobucket you can merge images. So i did it. Not to sure if i would prefer to post singular photos or a set.

002 I was amazingly asked to join a new website called The chic Beauty Community to post at least 4 of my own looks per week. They have to be under £100 and i have to blog about them for their new website which launches tomorrow. These are the photos I’m going to use for the first post. This was today, my first day back! I’m so excited as its a way of promoting my blog to get more viewers and followers && finely my bloglovin account is working 🙂

Be sure to check out my post tomorrow at http://beautyandthebudget.onsugar.com/tag/Chic+Beauty

003 My first day back to college went very slow, it just consisted of filling in forms and health and safety. Boring. I’m in again tomorrow for an Hour? Then my normal week starts next week. I just need to get back into my routine again. I have finely finished my Neck Piece so will be uploading that soon. I decided to use a flamingo print that hangs around your neck with peacock, felted feathers hanging from it. It is very strange but had to be done. This week i need to finish the Head Piece. I brought some old fashioned hair clips and am going to just attach some feathers trying to be a little bit more creative than that i hope. That will all be coming this week as well as my daily looks.


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