Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

Cardigan – Topshop

Jumper – New Look

Vest – Primark

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Primark

001 So i was actually up early this morning so decided to take some photos in the light, i then took some when i got home from college and i was going to upload both for you to see, It makes such a difference using real daylight that i’m going to try and wake up earlier to take my photos. At least then my makeup will be fresh and my hair normal. 
These are the peach/coral jeans i brought from Topshop, if you follow me on twitter you will no i brought them for £5, what a bargain, they were £40 and i was buying them thinking they were £20. I was so pleased. I brought them awhile back and they didn’t fit me 😐 but they fit now, guess the gym is doing what its meant to LOL. I also woke up really late today and could not be botherd to do anything with my hair.
002 I took my camera back today but to a bigger store hoping they would have a better one than in my little store, and they didn’t. So i ended up with the same one, but the self-timer does work just not at the right time. So it’s meant to take a photo after 2 seconds, instead it takes about 15 seconds. Maybe i have to many photos on my camera and it’s slowing it down. 
I also brought a tripod today which i am so happy about! It means i get to take my photos where ever i want and not have to prop it up against something. 
003 My views are increasing so much i cant believe it, thanks so much everyone. Im also getting followers on LOOKBOOK which is cool. I’m of to do some art illustrations which will be on my blog very soon
004 My friend Xvavier has started blogging, its all about digital media and if it’s as interesting as his name and personality i’m sure it will be great, so go check it out and follow him. I’m going to be doing some kind of photography things with him, all his idea, i’m sure it will be fun. Remember things in a different colour are links to other pages! 

Joanne x


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