Your gonna be the one that saves me

Jumper – Matalan

Leggings – New Look

Ring – Topshop

001 How late was i again today. I’ve never been an early riser but i have to stop being late for college. I must of tried on about 10 different things this morning, jeans, different coloured jeans, shirts, shirts with leggings, no it looked better with jeans. Agh. So in the end went for the easy option leggings and the biggest jumper hanging out of my wardrobe. I brought this jumper last year from Matalan and i like it quite a lot because it’s so warm. 

I did a video tutorial (how to: bohemian wrap) on Youtube on my hair style today which i had in my post ‘fall in love in the city’ a while back (minus the french plait at the front). I just thought it would be a good idea to get my Youtube channel going. So if any of you have any more ideas or videos you would like me to do please comment or email me. 

002 I have finely added my new page for my illustrations and there should be so much more going up on it, this is just the start. I will keep you updated when i add to it. 

003 This week has gone so quick, again. I crashed my car into a bloody lamp post today! I couldn’t believe it, i knew it was there but could not see it when i was reversing, what a nightmare, a new car as well!

So no more college for the rest of this week but i’ve promised myself i have to go to the gym tomorrow morning, and i mean have, other wise i’m just wasting money and not getting that lovely flat stomach i need.

004 I have changed my URL to so if those who follow me on bloglovin please follow via my new link on the right hand side.



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