♥ Weekly Portrait #6

The last photo is me messing around with self timer, i realised it was on the setting that only goes of when it detects a smile.
The gym has killed me. I did a class yesterday and another today and todays one was unreal. It’s called spin and you have to pedal for an hour up-tin the pressure of the wheels so it getting harder to cycle. It’s worth it though. 
I have a few hours before starting work, i’m at the wine bar tonight and were having our very own firework display should be really good i hope. 
Also me and the boyfriend are moving into our flat tomorrow, i am so excited although i’m working all day and night saturday and sunday so not really going to have the chance to sort things out.
I finely changed my url name, which means people who did follow me on bloglovin i have lost you all, so be sure to follow me with my new bloglovin follower.
Hope you all have a nice weekend. 




  1. November 5, 2010 / 10:17 pm

    Gorgeous look.
    Enjoy your fireworks.

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