No if’s, No but’s, No education cuts

Knitted Skirt – Miss Selfridge

Vest – Matalan 

Jumper – Vintage

001 As you can tell these photos have obviously been taken before i changed my hair colour, so not todays outfit (doesn’t take a genius to work it out lol). However i have taken photos from today but i also took a video, kind of like an outfit of the day video, although i hate that term. So these should, hopefully be uploaded tomorrow. It’s basically just a video of me getting ready before a normal day and how i put an outfit together. I didn’t want to upload the photos without the video, if that makes sense. 

This is the knitted skit i mentioned in my post, Welcome back post. I brought it from Miss Selfridge at the sale price of £7, i was so happy, I’m really loving these long maxi skirts, this is now my second one. 

002 At 11:00am in the middle of our art lesson, we all decided to join the protest against University fees, although it was more of an excuse to leave lesson and annoy our teacher. How childish of us, but we did get to have Nando’s for lunch instead of McDonalds. On the walk back there were clangs of students in the City centre chanting “no ifs, no buts, no education cuts”. I agree but i disagree with all the violence because it just makes us students look so bad. 

003 I finely have a Saturday of and it was meant to be spent with the college girls, however it’s changed. BOO. So I am undecided, either way   Im glad to have a night of. 



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