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001 Here is the start of my personal art project ‘Fabrics and Components’. I’ve started by drawing knit ware, here is my Topshop cape and my knitted mittens. I want to then go onto pattern and colour in clothing, I have so many ideas I hope I follow through with them. 

These images will go under the page Illustrations (which I will properly change now).  

These were line drawings, so no shading was allowed, hence why they look so dull.

002 So I’ve worked a lot this week so decided to treat myself, I brought myself some Topshop Ballet shoes (mainly for my Intern with LOOK), there not online but there the grey ones with bows, I’ve had my eye on them for awhile.

I’m also considering buying a Paul’s Boutique bag, a Maisy Large one. I’m not sure weather to get it or not, I hope I do, but I need to get my hair done as well. Ah, money decisions are cruel.

003 I’ve not heard back from Look, the lady who deals with the Interns was out of the office till the 15th January, but surely I would of heard back by now. I think I’m going to call them. It’s a week today! Im scared and excited all at the same time, I’m going to miss home, its properly the longest I have ever been away. I’m also going to miss Valentines Day with Aaron, but he’s coming up in the half term! I’m also going to miss my sisters baby being born, really not impressed with this, I will have weekends of, so I guess I could travel home for that one.


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