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Sorry Monday’s photo is not very interesting! I worked Monday instead of my usual Thursday, and it was my last shift at the bar. A group of friends came in for drinks and it ended up being a late night, followed by being pulled over by the police for having my fog lights on, then ended by being greeted by a frog. Which is at my door every time it rains. 

The rest of my week has been jam packed. Apart from Tuesday. I had a night free and ended up making myself a bracelet and I was able to finish reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Defiantly a recommend. I just need to see the film now. 

As soon as it hit Thursday my weekend of goodbye’s begun. I wore wide legged trousers with a netted top. Which surprise, surprise, I regretted wearing without  bandeau top underneath. 

Saturday was the biggest night out. I wore a pink skirt which my friend got me, from Zara with a bandeau top from Topshop along with a black blazer. The girls and me went for a lovely meal to Pizza Express followed by drinks. 

Its not the first time I have said goodbye to people, but saying goodbye to my friends was really hard. My family as well.

I cant wait to feel settled up here and meet new people. 

Im currently staying in a lovely guest house, run by an irish women, who reminds me so much of my Mum I feel right at home. Especially when she wished me “goodnight and god bless”. The house is beautiful, really old fashioned, high ceilings with hanging chandeliers on them. My room has three single beds and an en-suite, so two girls from Uni are going to stay with me from tomorrow onwards for freshers week. 

I have great and exciting news. I emailed maria grachvogel as she is working with London Fashion Week and her designs will be going down a catwalk at the Savoy hotel. I was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to ‘assist backstage’ and to bring a pair of heels with me, incase I am asked to work at the front of house. I have been asked to wear all black, so all week I will be on the search for something. 

Induction day at University tomorrow. Nervous doesn’t even describe partly how I am feeling. 

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, Will be back to normal.



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