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This week has been lovely. Sunday night I went and stayed with a friend who moved away for University, to Manchester. It was nice to catch up. She had this Love piece which reminded me of one that I used to have. I love homely pieces. And it got me to thinking of what I need when I leave. I have not even started shopping for kitchen bits or bedroom bits. But I have got a list, so thats a starts.

I usually download all my music but when I saw the Scripts album, I had to buy it. It is an amazing album. And his voice is gorgeous. My best buy of the week. 

Thursday and Friday were more nights out with the girls. A little warm up to what this week is going to obtain. A whole week or meals, gatherings and goodbyes. 

Saturday a group of us went to a place called Kersney Abbey. We spent the day dragging ourselves through lakes and rivers and across stepping stones. 

After spending two days of looking for a flat to live in, I received a phone call from Epsom telling me that someone has dropped out and a room on halls has become available. Its not until the 6th October that I can move in. But freshers starts next Monday. So for the first week I am going to stay in a B n B. and then maybe with my uncle for the following two. But I might meet someone who can let me stay with them. Who knows what may happen at Freshers week! 

I am finally excited to be staring University. 

This week is going to be so hard for me, saying goodbyes. Im not moving far but Im also not going to be coming home a lot. I wont come back home until Christmas. 



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