Timing is everything

Crop Top – Topshop 

Silver maxi skirt – Vintage (90’s Topshop) Click To buy

Boots – Matalan

An extension is currently being built, so mind the mess. But the lighting was perfect-ish. This is a collection to what I’m selling. Its a silver/metallic maxi skirt. Its originally from Topshop. The early Topshop years. I don’t know if you can class that as ‘vintage’ or not? The photos don’t give the skirt much justice. Its so different. And I’ve not seen anything in the high street like it. Most maxi skirts are pastels or brights at the moment. 

The skirt can be brought buy clicking on my link to the right ‘Shop petite side of style’. Or simply ‘click to buy’.

Tonight I had, yet again another last supper with the girls, since I move on Wednesday. Nando’s chicken and friends is the perfect night.

Looking forward to the move, I’m sure I’ll be ranting about it on Twitter. 

I borrowed my sisters dress this weekend. Brand new. And white. Unfortunately I managed to get ‘snake bite’ down the back of me. For those that do not know what a snake bite is, its beer with black current. I’ve spent the past few days trying to get the stain out. Its currently in a basin, in the wardrobe. I’ve left it down to my Mum. Stain removing tips would be great 🙂




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