So good

Jumper – Vintage

Skirt – Vintage (Click to buy)

Shoes – River Island

This post was taken earlier in the. I adore this skirt, so had to add it to my store. I have to admit I am becoming obsessed with these types of skirts. Not to worry because Im moving on to chunky knit ware now. 

This jumper is one of my favourite items. It was my Mums, from over 30 years ago. Its so comfy and literally goes with anything. 

I am officially living in Epsom and in halls. I LOVE it. And everything is so good. There is three floors each with two dorms. My dorm has, myself, one other boy and three other girls. We have two bathrooms, kitchen and living room. 

The first night was quite awkward for me as the guy invited lots of his mates over so the place was just full of lads. First time I’ve felt intimidated before. But after getting to know everyone it was fine. 

Last night I went out into Epsom with some girls that are studying Fashion Journalism. It was such a funny night. It so nice living on campus as well, being so close to the Uni. 

The only negative thing is there is no Wi-Fi!! So Im probably going to stick with my dongle and come to the library a lot. 

I will still be blogging, despite not having a white wall to take my photos against. 




  1. October 14, 2011 / 6:07 pm

    That jumper is perfect! I think these pictures are good too, without white wall
    Just some constructive criticism; could you use a bigger font size, because I almost can't read this
    Or maybe I'm just blind…….
    anyway, your blog is great! keep up the good work 😉

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