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These photos are not my own they have been taken from Tumblr

I have become obsessed with round sunglasses. I began hating them at first. I guess when you start seeing hundreds of photos of them you start to lust over it. I saw a pair from The Blonde Salad which were gorgeous. I’m just one of those people who cant stand wearing sunglasses during the Winter. Unless your a celebrity I can understand. Personally I just feel a little silly, but I admire those who can pull it of. 

This week I have to try this extra large braided bun. Its gorgeous. I just don’t know if I have enough hair. Please hair, grow. The most I got from a braided bun was in this outfit post

And as for black boots. I already own four pairs that look exactly the same. But when it comes to black boots, you can never have enough.


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