Style Scrapbook

Navy can be a more difficult boot to style as some say black and navy can’t be put together – well who ever said that, you are wrong. 

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A Fashion Fix

Hannah always gets it spot on. What a perfect way to show off you over the knee boots than with a sexy side split. 

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Wendys Lookbook

For those who prefer the flat over the knee/knee boots then by all means go for that leather skirt. And if your still not confident enough just make sure the skit is not skin tight – leaving you feeling uncomfortable.

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Hello Fashion Blog

If your feeling bold, you can make the boots stand out (even more so than what they would already) by wearing bold colours. 

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Anouk Yve

Of course the over sized sweater. But this time not so oversized that it is all you are wearing. Go for skirt that leave a little skin between the boot the hem, that way skin will only show when you are walking making the outfit a little more intriguing.

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This is one of my favourite. Chunky sweater, bright colour and lace. 

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The stiletto heel with leather. This for me is the hardest. How can you not feel like a hooker or a nicer hooker, Julia Roberts. This is how. I think a little bit of colour helps – so not all black. Kayture has also added a hat which gives this look a very day time feel.

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Fashion Vibe

Brown Boots are rare this season, it seems to be a lot of black going about. Camel tones with black accessories. So here is one for the ladies who would rather slip into a warmer tone.

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