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Ive been wanting to type up some posts like this for quite some time, posts such as ‘getting a degree in fashion’, ‘how to get an internship’ to ‘Is Uni right for you’. So these will be a weekly kind of thing for now.

Since I started secondary school University had always been an aim of mine. I didn’t know what I wanted to study and I certainly didn’t know you could get a degree in Fashion Management and Market (or any Fashion degree at all). 

I personally went through school believing that the subjects you took at school were the subjects you went on to study at University. So at this time Textiles was my choice. 

After fourteen Years at school, two years off sixth form, two years at College and three years at Uni (21 Years of study. Thats insane!) I received my degree (2:2), now what. 

Im very much an organised person, I like to feel like Im on the right path all the time. So when I graduated and spent every evening applying for jobs, to receive a next to none replies. I found myself feeling so pressured to land the dream job and I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t got it – I’ve done more than enough work/internships, but sometimes things don’t go to plan. 

I stayed working at a bar and as much as I loved being there it was really affecting my personality and even my relationships. 

Daily I would see those who I graduated with uploading status’ of their new job offers, for the first time I felt like I was failing. 

I took myself back home and have been focusing on my blog for the past month and a bit and I couldn’t feel happier. I’ve realised that I may not have my dream buying job like I planned but who said I have to get it straight away. Im taking time out 21 years of education is more than enough to chill for a while. 

In the mean time Im self employed, working on this little space of mine on the internet. Surround by my family and my friends. 

Don’t put expectations on yourself. 

Especially when it comes to work. Because work and jobs will always be there. Maybe taking time to work on yourself and having fun will allow you to have a better mind set when you start applying for jobs. 

I really do recommend taking some time off, going travelling, enjoy yourself while you can before you go into the real world. Because you’ll be in the real world for a lot longer. 


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