Marrakech was never number one on my list of places to visit – but seeing images online swayed me to visit and view the mosaic walls, perfectly tiled floors and get lost in the souks for myself. 

Having spent five days there, I already want to go back.

Lets start from the begining.

We had an early 7am Monday morning flight. Stocked up on snacks and drinks for the 3:45min flight and quickly charged our phones whilst we had the chance.

It felt lovely leaving behind a rainy England.

Bye for now *waving hand emojii*

The sun was so bright above the clouds. I had myself a Bridesmaid moment and put some sunnies on because we refused to put the window blind down.

Personally we couldn’t stop laughing for the whole flight. I think we were a little excited.

Every time I laughed my chair would shake, making us laugh even more.


And then we napped. Practically in this position the whole way there.

When we woke up we were flying above sand, sand and more sand.

It got to a point where we were debating on what there would be to do in Marrakech.

We could see what looked like random swimming pools planted in random places. Until my brain realised that they were actually to hold the rain water – light bulb moment.


We arrived at our first stay – La Sultana, Marrakech. Greeted from our chauffeur driven car from the airport to the hotel an elderly man dressed in traditional clothing and a red hat carried our cases to the hotel reception.

The hotel is tucked away, down a passageway – away from the hustle and bustle of the main street and the shouting of shop owners.

We left our bags at reception and was taken to to the roof top to enjoy some mint tea and traditional pastries which are made by the staff themselves.



Whilst we waited to check into our room, we took a walk around the terrace which offers different views from each angle.

The hotel is sat right beside a traditional Mosque, if you take a walk out into the streets you can see local people going in to pray. Its something very calming and has a lovely era about it.

The Atlas mountains can be seen also and below them the streets. Where local people are working hard – daily. Local veg, food and shops can be found just outside the hotel a few steps away. I could watch these people for hours. So friendly and kind, and to see Children playing in the streets is something London no longer sees.

As our room was ready, we were shown around the hotel. I lost count of how many times myself and Jenny said “this is amazing”.

I wish I could have absorbed all the detail that elopes in every room – every corner of the La Sultana.

La Sultana is listed one of the greatest hotels in the world, with 28 rooms (including suites), pools and a spa.


With the rooms and landings being a hollow square, it is a lovely sight looking up from the ground and being stood under luxury chandeliers, which can also be found in each room.


Roses are a sentiment for Morocco. So expect to see them everywhere – in all colours too.

Each section of the hotel represent different meanings of Morocco which will be explained in later posts.

After the hotel tour we arrived at our room – Tiger 107.


I think my jaw dropped to the floor with this being the first sight as we step onto the heated marble floor.

I shouldn’t have expected any less considering how amazing the rest of the hotel was.

We eagerly searched around the large room trying to take in every detail.




Tiger room – tiger above the bath. See what I mean about detail.

Fresh towels, slippers and bath robes were given daily. As well as shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Single red rose petals were placed on the bed, inside the toilet (this fascinated Jennifer every time she went to the bathroom), on the corner of the bath towels and on the bed each day.



We quickly put our suitcases in the room, changed into our bikinis and headed to the terrace to catch the last of the afternoon sun. It was almost 3pm and still hot.

This was our view when leaving our room.

I grabbed a Coke from the complimentary mini bar which was restocked daily and was ready for our holiday to begin.



As the sun went down we wanted to take a quick dip in the pool. Actually I did. Jennifer didn’t even put her foot in it I don’t think.

I love that the pool was surrounded by the Hotel walls but as your swimming and you look up, your graced by the blue sky, and tiny robins flying around.







The pool was heated making it even more fun to play about it.


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As the day came to a close we headed back to our room to get ready for the evening.

Dressed up and lipstick on we headed back to the roof top and choose two La Sultana cocktails. Music played softly in the background and the atmosphere was peaceful.

It felt lovely not having to wear a jacket in the evening.


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Culottes were the perfect thing to travel in and to wear whilst out there. I would highly recommend travelling from a cold country to a hot one in them.

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The best thing about travelling with your best friend is the laughs and the memories.

Cant remember what this one was about!

After we had taken enough photos (outfit post to follow), we headed to reception to ask where two young girls might head to in Marrakech. They put us in a taxi and we head to Jad Mahal.

We were greeted by four beautiful ladies (I remember amazing curly hair) and taken to the bar as we had no reservation.

We spent the first evening sipping cocktails – mine a sex on the beach and Jenny’s a ‘very’ dirty martini, her words were ‘the dirtiest martini Ive ever had’.

Fire dancers, belly dancers and lots of other acts went on throughout the night.

A perfect recommendation from La Sultana.

After eating all the nibbles on the bar we headed to KFC (typical English), took it back to our hotel room which had been cleaned again and the beds remade since the afternoon.

After reading what was on the menu for breakfast (see breakfast in a later post) we had a huge bubble bath and settled down after a very busy day.

I could happily say La Sultana was the best nights sleep I’ve had.

I highly recommend this hotel if you are traveling to Marrakech if you are looking for a relaxing and luxurious time away.

The staff are so friendly, we left feeling like we had made friends. But more on this in a later post.

To book a stay at La Sultana click here

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