Seven years of  celebrating Valentines day. 

Thats Seven years of writing lovey dovey cards, buying roses and gifts and in comparison to last year making 20 cupcakes that were red when bitten into with hand made creamy icing. Phew. 

Its safe to say Im looking forward to a year (maybe more, but hope not too many more) off. 

Is anyone else with me?

Now don’t get me wrong not everyone will share my mind thought on Saturday. 

So I wanted with you all some ideas that us Single girls could do and wear.


Who wouldn’t want to bake cakes, order a pizza in and then watch all the soppy movies that will be on TV?

Just lets not do this alone. Invite some friends over, you could even have a come dine with me night with all you single friends. 

On the other hand if you have no single friends. 

Grab some Ben and Jerry’s. 

If this sounds like you, grab you best set of PJs 


Im holding my hands up that this is what I plan on doing with two of my single friends. 

Honestly its no different to any weekend. 

Book a table at your favourite restaurant, make sure you oder that Champagne and Vodka. 

The night won’t be ending there.

It’ll be followed by heading out and ordering doubles. 

If you all wake up thinking “WTF happened last night” you succeeded. 

In which case you need to look sexy, PJS won’t do. 


If you don’t know, now you know. 

The 50 shades film is out on Valentines Day. 

And if you not doing any of the above. Your doing this. 

If you are single and going to see the film I have to question you sanity. 

Your not going to want to bed after? And let me remind you, your are single!

But don’t let that stop you. Here are some of my favourite Grey items at the moment. 


Part of me is this girl. BUT Single or taken I enjoy celebrating everything. 

Life should be fun all the time. 

Memories should be made when ever they can. And if that means making the most out of occasion then so be it. 

This girl avoids the restaurants and the couples, she would rather hang out with a huge groups of friends in a small basement bar, drinking whiskey.

This girl is the casual chic girl, simplicity that everyone wants.

So Single ladies, enjoy your freedom. 

Enjoy being with yourself. 

And think of all the crap you didn’t have to buy. 

But for those who aren’t single here something for you too. 

Because deep down, Ill be missing some this. 

Which girl are you?


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