Day one is almost over. I opted for an all camel look. 

A sophisticated and feminine style with wide legged trousers to keep on trend. 

 |  ||| Zara Bag | Zero UV Sunglasses 

Most people say if your ‘petite’ (a short ass) you can’t/shouldnt wear wide legged trousers. 

And I hate that. Why should height define what we wear. 

If you like it, find a way to make something work. 

As for shoes I had to wear the highest heels that I could bare on the cobbles. 

So I went for my Dune boots, which have sold out now. 

Here are some similar…

If the all camel look isn’t for you. 

Try changing the coat.

I honestly felt like JLo when she’s in Maid in Manhattan – even the hair!

Ive spent 10 hours in boots, it feels so good to put my feet up, in the May Fair too. 

I’ll be spending the next week in a few hotels around London, and ill be Vlogging my days too. 

So keep an eye on my You Tube Channel.  


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