‘There are five star luxury hotels, and then there is the May Fair’


The May Fair Hotel makes you feel like your in a movie.

 Men with big smiles and welcoming Hellos and nods hold open the door for you as you enter the very large reception.

Despite the large size of the reception it was filled with guests sitting on the sofas, groups of people chatting in circles and others awaiting their ride with a cup of tea.

A lively atmosphere that puts you at ease, instantly.

We were taken up to our third floor superior room.

The bed screamed a good nights sleep.

Heavy covers, soft pillows and draped in velvet throw overs.

I had no trouble falling asleep.

Considering the May Fair is in the heart of London and surround by main roads and bars. The room was in complete silence. I couldn’t even hear a car.



Notes and quotes like this can be found on your bed side table or even on your dressing gown hanger; ‘wear me for comfort’.



Brace yourself for my favourite part of the room.

The Sicilian marble bathroom…

Black gloss floors which you can see your reflection through, marble walls complete with the marble bath.

A long length mirror can be found in sleekly in the wardrobe.

I got the chance to indulge in a hot bubble bath.

Maybe next time in try the power shower.


After a great nights sleep and an early rise.

I called down and ordered breakfast to our room at a £2.50 charge. Well worth it to relax and get ready, no need to rush.



Book your stay at The May Fair here.

With so much more to offer from their Spa, the popular May Fair bar, Cigar room, Gym and Casino one night was not enough.

Thank you to The May Fair for hosting me during LFW.



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