Palais Royal is a palace located in the first arrondissement of Paris. 

Take a stroll through the grounds and the gardens. 


Im not going to lie, I didn’t no much about Palais Royal.

But I had seen many photos of people visiting the popular sweet like steps.

I wore;

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You can’t help but stop for a photo moment on the famous stepping stones.


It was a chiller day than the others which left the Palais quite deserted.

There were four different groups of elderly men playing bowls

And don’t forget the generic jump.


The flowers that bloom in Paris are my favourite, between these and blossom trees.

They make the brown city colourful.


I love the blazer and jeans combo. Simply because its so easy.

What do you do when you go away for three weeks and it get cold, you get bored of wearing the only two coats you bring. And for once you don’t want to dress up.

You grab a blazer.

The Palais is also full of dog walkers. Poodles, fluffy pups and pugs.

While we were there we even witness one man who had been chasing his black little pug for such a long time. He just couldn’t get his hand on him.

Until it came across a friend, triple the size of him.

Then they started play fighting as the owners watched on, and Jenny and me laughed as both owners now lost control over the dogs.

Its worth a visit thats for sure.

I would suggest a Sunny day. If not there is plenty off shops around the Palais.


Have you ever visited the Palais Royal, what are your thoughts?










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