One of my favourite places in Paris. 

With some of the best views too. 


When Jenny and I visited the Sacre-Coeur we were lucky enough to be staying in the 18th Arrondissement.

As it is quite out of the way.

We left our hotel and headed for the Church.

We had already walked an hour hotel to hotel.

These steps were the last straw but a sit down was approaching just beyond.

The building is breathtaking.

And the atmosphere surrounding it is better than any other tourist spot in Paris.

What I wore;



| Free Delivery Lavish Alice

We managed to take some outfit photos in the busy area.


I wore this coat quite a lot in Paris. Its available in about 15 other colours,

but here are my favourite;

Food and snacks can be expected on every corner in Paris,

and at places like this men even walk around offering you a cool Budwiser from their mental buckets.


As for wide leg trousers, I love how they can make you look taller with the right shoes.

And then we head up to the top


After 300 steps,  and walking up very narrow passages,

 we made it to the top



The view was amazing.

Similar to the views from the Arc De Triumph and the Eiffel Tower,

so really you don’t have to do them all, you could just pick one.


It was a really foggy day unfortunately, but you could still see the sunshine.


Below people sat with friends and partners to see the end of the day draw closer


After walking around the whole of the peak of the church, we headed back down to ground.

Where we sat on the steps with others.


Listened to people get up and sing songs like Bob Marley.


If your lucky you might catch the footballer balling some tricks,

He was amazing and really pulled up a crowd.


And then the day came quickly to an end and it got chiller.

I would highly recommend this tourist spot in Paris.

Take along a picnic with you and make a day of it.





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