What do you wear in Paris when the sun is shining but its still a little chilly. 

A big coat and a dress. 

It may seem weird to some, but it was totally logical to me.



It was a beautiful day to head to Tuileries Gardens.

I didn’t know what to expect but I knew it had to be a nice day when we decided to visit.

We took a stop along the bridge just before.

I wore;

| | | ZARA BAG

Paris have so much detail in everything.

Lamp posts, buildings, side walks.


Shop some similar coats too;

We followed the signs, crossed the road and there we were

Close to the Louvre but at Tuileries Gardens.

Bright steps take you down into the mist of people.


You can either be a passer by who is in a hurry, briskly walking through

or a tourist strolling around in the sun.


This Missguided dress I wore was perfect for the day.

When in Paris wear stripes. Im sure Ive already said that.


If a dress In April (and with a coat) doesn’t suite you,

heres some other options;


Theres waterfalls on each side of the Gardens.

With bright green chairs that slightly tilt back.

Blossom trees are all around

(My favourite thing)

People stood reading their books

Whilst others say perched and comfortable

And couples…

Well they sat on top of each other.

Romance is all around in Paris


Buying a new pair of Converse was the best idea I had.

Although their not so White anymore.

Paris has gravelled floors everywhere so they got dusty and turned black.




After lounging ourselves by the waterfall

and the wind picked up

we decided to head off.





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