Hotel Napoleon is one of the best Hotels I have ever stayed in, in Paris.

Come and see for yourself why.

We arrived at our first Hotel of the three weeks – Hotel Napoleon.

Greeted by friendly staff and a huge bright, luxurious and what I would call ‘gold plated’ lobby.

A huge fire place and enough sofas for all.

We walked the winding stripped corridors, till we got to our suite.

Yes suite!

Once our bags were kindly placed in our rooms and we were left alone,

we squealed with excitement and awe.

We had ourselves two large balcony windows and a living room with our own sofa.

With intertwining doors, we walked in a full circle around the room.


For me, the bed was the best part.

It looked so glamorous, with heavy, colourful material draped around the King Size bed and big fluffy cushions which matched.


Gold was the theme.



The bathroom was a large size, with the toilet in a separate room.

Marble walls and floors and a mirror large enough for two girls to get ready in, together.


Later on we met for Lunch with Larissa, who helped plan our stay here.

I went for a pure Orange Juice whilst Jennifer chose a coffee.

For starter was liver pate.

We chose something light because we had already eaten.

Of course I went for French Fries. The best Ive ever had.

Whilst Jenny chose the Olives.

Then onto dessert.

Each beautifully well presented.

Larissa then showed us around some of the best rooms.

This was the view from the most luxurious suite which takes up the top floor.

Audrey Hepburn even stayed here.

Come evening, your not short of places to go.

We headed for a local club, danced and drank till 5am.

Breakfast is brought to your room on a large table.

Expect a lot of bakery baskets.

No one does a carb overload breakfasts like the French.


Hotel Napoleon is in a great location, just a two minuet walk from the Arc De Triumph, and a short 20 minuet walk to the Eiffel Tower.

Thank you Hotel Napoleon for such a luxurious stay.

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