Four weeks in Paris, to some, may seem too long. 

I can honestly say I could have stayed longer. 

With so much to do and see. 

Im going to share with you my favourite spots in this beautiful City.

During March 2015 I went and spent four weeks travelling around Paris and staying in different arrondissements, partially alone and three weeks with two friends. 

I visited almost every arrondissement and I will share with you my favourite to my least favourite. 

My biggest tip to you all is to visit Paris in the Spring or Summer time. I was lucky enough that it only rained a handful of days, but on those days the City was as miserable as ever, and made it hard to be an enthusiastic tourist. 

We traveled from London Victoria Coach station to Paris coach station with iDBUS. I planned it so we travelled during the night, arriving in Paris the morning we were due to check into our first hotel. The journey was really quick and the buses even offer wifi. 

Av. des Champs-Élysées: Is a very popular shopping destination for tourists. When we first arrived we thought it was great; with Zara and H&M and a few high designer brands on the other side of the road. After speaking to locals, Champs is for tourists and you wouldn’t find your typical Parisians shopping there. 

Where to stay: I stayed in Hotel Napoleon which is a 5* luxury hotel. I would highly recommend staying here as it is close by to all your needs. Simply take one step out of the doors and you can see the Arc de Triomphe. A short 20 minuet walk will also take you to the Eiffel Tower, which we done.

By the end of the week we also stayed at Mon Hotel, on the other side of the Arc de Triomphe.

What to do:  Its great for restaurants, nightlight in the evening. We went to two clubs here Duplex and Queen Club

Duplex we went too twice on a weekday which was a student night and it was full of local Paris party goers. The first time we arrived, we were told €30 to get in, we decided to turn and walk away which is when the promoter said we could go in for free, so we accepted. We were then offered several free drinks and the music was right up our street with English R&B and rap. 

Queen Club is a larger more sophisticated night club that plays club music. Dress well for this place because they will turn you away, its very similar to London clubs. Again this was €30 entry and drinks were €15/€20 each. 

I honestly preferred Duplex because we made friends with people and the atmosphere was more welcoming. Queen Club puts you in the middle whilst your surrounded by people on tables drinking champagne. 

Try to find a promoter before you go out there if the big clubs is what you are looking for. 

Visit the Arc de Triomphe but plan it. We planned to be at the top for sunset on a really lovely day so we could capture some beautiful photos.

Saint-Germain: is a small village and you instantly feel it as you change from arrondissement to arrondissement. Its a very famous spot for tourists.

Where to stay: I stayed at Hotel Artus, a small 4* boutique hotel. Look out of your balcony window and witness the locals in the morning going to collect there fresh baguettes. 

What to do: Saint-Germain is close to everything. When we arrived we chose to take a walk over the river and have a walk through Tuileries Gardens, which is also next to the Louvre. Two main attractions in one day. 

Saints-Péres: Is another small town in Paris, perfect for overly priced art work and antique shops. Another spot close to all the major things you have to see when in Paris. 

Where to stay: I spent an amazing night at Hotel Da Vinci, it was on of my favourite stays throughout the four weeks. The hotel is full of history and we stayed in the same room the Mona Lisa was kept when she was stolen. 

What to do: We took a walk along the canals to the Norte-Dame. If you check the times online, like us you can sit through a mass, a little more than just seeing the building. Light a candle and say a prayer for your loved ones. 

18th Arrondissement: Personally walking through the 18th Arrondissement was awful. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, either get the metro or a taxi. It seems to be a very rough area and I could only think the worse as we walked to our hotel. However if you want to stay in the only ice bar/hotel in Paris you have to sacrifice. 

Where to stay: We spent one evening the the Kube Hotel a four star hotel that offers you 20 minuets in their ice bar.  

What to do: Take a trip to Sacré-Cœur, another of my favourite spots in Paris. Some don’t know that you can go round to the side and pay €6 to walk to the top of the church and see more great views of Paris. After spend some time on the steps, we sat watching a locals entertain the crowds. Listen whilst people step up to play the guitar and sing to you, a painter paints what surrounds him and we watch as an elderly man danced with his granddaughter. A moment I will always remember, with Bob Marley playing in the background. 

Marias: is in the 4th arrondissement, with narrow lanes of shops and cafes. Maria’s is Paris’ equivalent to New Yorks village. We didn’t realise until evening surfaced that it is the area for Gay night light and club scenes. 

Where to stay: we stayed in another favourite of mine, Hotel Dupond-Smith. I would again, highly recommend this hotel, everything for this area is walkable and the staff are so friendly.  We didn’t want to leave.

What to do: We took a stroll around the amazing shops in the area – its great for shopping thats for sure. We grabbed an ice cream and carried on strolling. 

Come the evening we headed out to a popular gay bar and had some cocktails, made friends with the bar staff and headed to a gay strip club which involved watching men dancing in a shower and stripping. A night that won’t seem to leave my memory.

Rue Cadet: Is close by to everything. We stayed in this area when we travelled to Disney Land, only taking 50 minuets.

Where to stay: I stayed at Hotel Opera Cadet for seven nights and it was wonderful. Close by to pizzerias, a Mc Donalds which is great when your away from home for so long, cafes, and any tourist spot you want to walk to in Paris. 

What to do: We visited Disney Land, a short 30 second walk to the metro and a 50-60 minuet train journey. One of the nights we grabbed the largest pizza, freshly made from Nicks Pizza Place.  


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