Tis the spooky season for all things Orange and scary. 

And for the first time, this year I went and picked my very own big ball of pumpkin myself. 

We parked the car up and pulled on our wellies in search of a field of Orange… 

Be sure to grab a wheel barrow on your entrance

And the field is your pumpkin. 

Or something like that.

Oliver and Jemima rushed off in different directions in search of their perfect pumpkin

The deal was, 

If you can pick it up you can have it…

Oliver was really struggling with this one

(and pretty much every other one)

He almost gave up…

And then had one last try

Still unable to pick it up he soon got bored

And they picked a few mini ones from the box 

The similarities of a peeled orange?

Gemma went for the weird one of the bunch, 

picked right of the stem.

Beware of the squished, unfortunate ones. 

The ones who didn’t make it home to be carved. 

The kids had a right stomp-full on them though.

And when we shouted “PERFECT PUMPKIN”

The kids came running

With such determination on their little faces

Bright, Orange and the perfect roundness for some Hocus Pocus.

Into the barrow they go, 

unless you let Oliver push. In that case they will end up on the floor.

We carried on in search of the perfect pumpk.

I found mine…

Don’t forget your wellies

With the barrow almost full…

I said almost!!

We were missing an Oliver…

Who loves posing for the camera as much as I do.

Almost all pumpkined out we stopped for some snaps

We didn’t plan the matching jackets either

With Jemima being the last little one to pick hers, 

She found hers in the furthest part of the field, huddled it in her arms and brought it back to the barrow…

It must have been really heavy, 

because we toppled again

Almost to the end, 

we couldn’t let Jemima leave without standing on the pumpkins either.

And who said carving was the fun part

It is just as fun, 

but so messy!

We thought about making pumpkin soup, but knew none of us would eat it.

So Jemima tasted it instead…

I was pretty impressed with my carving skills.

After doing mine, Jemima’s and Olivers – I think I’m a pro.

Now Ill warn you, the next images may be scary.


From top to bottom 

Gemmas, Olivers, Jemima’s and mine.

We waited till evening to light them 

and in Olivers words 

“They are so beautiful”

Its the first time I felt really in the halloween spirit. 

I know we don’t celebrate Halloween like the Americans do. But I would love to. 

This was in the spirit enough for now – until the fancy dress part of course.

You can pick your own pumpkin too if your around the Kent area, take a look at their Facebook page here. They are open till they run out of pumpkins too!

Cheeseman’s Green Lane, Sevington, TN25 7HX Ashford, Kent


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